All those excited for Counterpoint say FUCK YEAH




Fuck yeah!! 3 days to go!!


In less than an hour my vacation starts and I will be packing to leave in the early a.m. I get to be with three of my best friends outdoors listening to amazing music and dancing my butt off. I’m so excited. This is going to be the best birthday, even though last year will be hard to top. eee!

Telling me I have a nice ass is quick way to win my heart temporarily.

If only I could go back in time…

Anonymous:  Made my own question, who was the last person you kissed?

Her name is Shasta.

But in all seriousness, stop trying to pry and find out who I like right now. If I wanted people to know who i’m kissing I would post about it. I’m a sucker for believing in bad luck, and bragging about things always brings me bad luck. So for now, i’d like to keep it to myself.